Legal LUNCH Box 2019

Want to get up to speed on a legal topic but
do not want to spend four (4) hours in class?
We have an alternative for you!!!

McFerran University will come to your office and conduct a 90 minute non-clock hour
presentation on a variety of legal topics.

Our instructor will come to your office starting at 11:30am for a duration of 1 hour & 30
minutes, which allows for questions to be answered both during and after the presentation of
the specified topic. All you have to do is schedule a date that works for your office and decide
on the topic you would like us to discuss.

• Bankruptcy in a nutshell: What every broker needs to know
• 1031 Exchanges in a nutshell: What every broker needs to know
• Earnest Money, Disputes, Interpleader Actions, Resolutions
• Community Property Laws & Agreements
• Liens on Real Estate After Closing
• Committed Intimate Relationships (CIR) & Co-Ownership of Real Estate
• Basics of LLC’s & Liability Protection: What a Broker Needs to Know
• Landlord-Tenant Laws & How They Affect a Real Estate License: Tenants Rights
• Ownership of Property: Multiple Parties, Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorships, Tenants in Common &
other Forms of Ownership
• Life of Escrow From an Attorney’s Perspective
• Enforcing a Purchase and Sale Agreement: Specific Performances vs. Forfeiture of Earnest Money Deposit
• Financing of Real Estate: Seller Financing From an Attorney’s Perspective
• Foreclosure Basics: A Short Understanding of Foreclosure Laws in WA State
• Quiet Title Action: How Title Clearing Can Affect Your Sale Practice
• Adverse Possession Basics: What All Real Estate Licensees Need to Know
• Liens & Bankruptcy: How to Release Liens After Bankruptcy
• Elder Law: Basic Concept of Gifting to Protect Elder Estate
• Estate Planning: Basic Wills and Trusts
• Real Estate Litigation: Processes and Procedures including costs
• How to Read a Title Commitment: From an Attorney’s Perspective
• Current Issues in Wire Fraud: Including Check Scams & Identity Theft
• Differences in Title

Please contact our school administrator:
Julie M. Coblentz
253-284-3843 |


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